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You shall be the King of Nabari.

Shinra-Bansho, the one and only best secret omnipotent Ninja art from the Ninja world called “Nabari”, can dominate not only the Nabari world but the public world.
Human on top of the world shall desire this secret superpower.

The story revolves around Miharu Rokujo, whose body possesses with the secret omnipotent Ninja art called Shinra-Bansho, which is said to be able to dominate the whole world.
A Ninja group called Banten Ninja, try to protect Miharu and the Ninja art, not to be controlled by anyone. On the other hand, a group of Iga Ninja, called Kairoshu get the move to hunt him down for the omnipotent power of Shinra-Bansho.
Through many battles, many truths are gradually revealed. Miharu has been avoiding intimate relationship for some reason, Yoite has been longing someone to obliterate all his existence, and Tobari tries to protect Miharu, concealing his wavering feeling. Although struggling on their purposes and thoughts, they are still hanging in to live their lives.
With unspoken pasts, pains, and innermost feelings, the intense Ninja battle in modern society is just about to off to an ominous start…
30min × 26episodes