Shuji Wada  President & CEO

Kenji Tada  Executive Vice President

d-rightsは、メンバーがみな熱心 (dedicated)で一生懸命(disciplined)、よく働く(diligent) 活力ある(dynamic)会社です。
デジタル(digital)時代に、見る人たちが喜ぶ(delightful)、素敵な(dazzling)コンテンツを幅広く(diverse) 提供(deliver)することにすべてをかけています(devoted)。

The d in d-rights:
What does the “d” in d-rights stand for?
We are a diligent and dynamic company with dedicated, disciplined staff. In this digital age, we are devoted to delivering diverse content that will delight the audience.